Co Founders

Rheea Mukherjee

Head of Content

Rheea Mukherjee spent most of her life moving between the U.S and India. In 2011,  she decided enough was enough and moved back to Bangalore for good after finishing her MFA in Creative Writing from California College of the Arts in San Francisco. In 2012 she co-founded Bangalore Writers Workshop (BWW) where she co- conceptualized, marketed, and facilitated creative writing workshops for two years. She also taught English as a second language  to French students at L’ecole de Design at Srishti college of Design. Her fiction and non-fiction has been published in several literary magazines and her first book, Transit for Beginners was published by Kitaab in April 2016. She has worked as a communications consultant for a Political start-up and been a writing consultant for a wide variety copy, editing, and content projects. 

She attempts yoga, novel writing, and writes semi-regular vegan baking blog. Rheea has two adopted Indian dogs- Nimbu and Henna, and caters to most of their whims. In her previous life, she’s been a social worker, counselor, and a theater artist. But writing is where the heart is. She wants to create meaning, kindness, and adventure with her work. She’s one of those kooks who believes that the Universe is indeed with us.



Satyavrat Krishnakumar

Head Editor

Satyavrat Krishnakumar resolved to leave the exotic environs of Chennai for the alluring charms of the 'big city'. A former factotum, he has worked as a cub reporter, penned radio scripts over a summer, considered conducting heritage walks briefly and played bass for a B-grade film. He considers himself a spirited soldier and prides himself in his ability to 'get the job done'. In his free time, he takes long walks around the neighbourhood deluding himself into believing that he moonlights as a private eye. 

Kalabati Majumdar

Head of Design

Kalabati was born into a family of semi-crazy artists and musicians. When she was seven, she spent a year in the mountains of Orissa with her anthropologist mother who was studying the Bonda tribes. That’s the truth, we didn’t write that just to make her sound cool. She believes that experience made her what she is today. She started her own artistic adventure in 2006 when she came to Bangalore and hung out in Sristi college of Art and Design and specialised in Textiles. She believes good design should be simple and clever. You’ll see her lean towards familiar cultural motifs in her work. She integrates her sense of style with the clean and contemporary. Her previous work, you ask? She’s been a wildcard. In 2010 she conceptualized and branded ART Bengaluru. She has worked as a designer for Purple Orange and Pink Apple (and, yes, that is funny) creating seasonal lines, custom designing homes, and is secretly plotting to one day have a textile production house of her own that will not be named after a fruit. She was the in-house-graphic designer for a political startup in Bangalore. She is convinced she will die old, on an embroidered sofa, surrounded by cats, a wine glass in hand, and a 90’s Bollywood movie playing in the background. Until such time, she wants to create beautiful and meaningful things.


Indumathi Manohar

Assistant Visual Designer 

Indu values clean visual design that comes from a place of research and storytelling. As a theatre graduate from Reed College, a trained Kathak dancer, and as a certified PADI Rescue Diver, she worked the theatre, dance, and scuba diving scene before discovering that her heart was in illustration and graphic design. Indu enjoys vegan curd rice, salsa dancing, and spinning fire poi. She also likes trashy American pop music which we think makes her an exceptionally good fit. She doesn't drink coffee which has been a source of anxiety for the rest of the team.