Apollo Life

Apollo Life is a sister-concern of the Apollo Brand. The core objective of Apollo Life is to address those mental, emotional, dietary, fitness-related, physical environmental issues that account for most chronic and lifestyle diseases we currently face. Leela created and curated articles for Apollo that fit a range of wellbeing topics. Our articles are focused on small lifestyle tweaks we can make to address health issues and prevent disease.

Our engagement with Apollo lasted a little over a year, with us writing, editing and curating blogs around the field of medicine, health and wellness. Our primary objective with these blogs was to stand apart from blogs in this space that often ranged from dubious to absolutely depersonalised. To this end, we employed a more informal approach, commissioning  writers who would bring a personal sense of wellness to the blogs, blogs of experience if you will. The medical and wellness blog sphere suffers from the curse of pseudoscience, faddish trends and dry writing, we strove to make this space an infinitely more interesting one.