We've worked with FrontM, on website and marketing communication, as they develop and apply technology solutions for remote space communication. That translates into some pretty exciting stuff- like the ability for isolated cruiseliners and ships to communicate smoothly in the middle of the ocean. It could mean better airline service as a passenger on long haul flights. The applications are endless and they all make our very vast world a little smaller! Learn more.


Francesca Vali, Co-founder of Chrys, says change has to be an intrinsic part of any business foundation. And that's precisely why she's made powerful collaborations happen in her industry. From talent scouting to connecting people in productive and ambitious ways, Chrys works with change-focused interventions that keep enterprises thriving and progressing. Learn more about her services on the website that we designed and wrote!

Transit for Beginners

Co-founder Rheea Mukherjee's first book was published by Kitaab in April 2016. Transit for Beginners is a collection of short stories that allows for urban hallucinations and tiny twists. Serendipitously, the cover art for the book was created by Leela's other co-founder Kalabati Majumdar. Unresolved loves, an unexpected family secret, a housewife who dishes out more than just food to feel loved, and a man obsessed with his best friend's death- just some of the stories in the collection. Grab yourself a copy on flipkart!  




Events High

Events High is leading the way to connecting us city folk with the best urban experiences out there. Maybe it's a concert, a workshop, a book launch, a 10 km city run. Maybe it's a party, a movie screening, a street performance or a chance to go skydiving. Whatever the city has to offer, Events High has got it listed. You can choose things to do based on your likes and interest. Write Leela Write did the total branding for Events High. We went through layers of ideas before the Events High Team liked the simple dynamism that their new logo represented.  We also came up with their tag line, and conceptualized and executed all their content. 

A Larger Design

A Larger Design was founded by a team of bright and motivated professionals. ALD wants to create customized educational workshops that aim to inspire both the youth and corporate employees to drift from herd mentality and conquer the world based on their individual strengths. Leela created the name of the organization and was responsible for creating the visual identity as well. We also created all the copy for their website. The concept that held and guided our creative process was the idea that each person had something to contribute to the world in a fascinatingly unique way. 

Boohen Technologies

Boohen is Piki's parent company. Leela created their logo identity. Boohen's tagline is 'Your next curious leap' and they pretty much stick by that thought. Every day brings  new potential and births new ideas. You can't predict what new leap Boohen might make. Leela says you should never underestimate a dog with a cape


WLW designed the Brochure and created copy for PinkWhale Healthcare, a portal that creates a credible and convenient platform to find specific medical specialists. Here doctors and patients can interact and have access to online consultations. And much more. 

Five-forty-five Art Gallery

Five-Forty-Five used to be a small art paradise tucked away on a tree covered lane off the popular 12th main in Indiranagar, Bangalore. It has since become home to Write Leela Write and other start ups in the city. We created an invitation for one of their stunning art shows in 2015. The space features a quiet garden, folk art on the walls and a kitchen with darling wooden cabinets. Come by and visit us anytime. The house also hosts community events and workshops.


The city is bursting with things to do. Akademe is a portal to find courses, workshops and classes that range from education, fitness, creative thinking, art, singing, sports, and a whole bunch more in the city. WLW created a sample comic series to get the word out. All it takes to further your journey as a person is to keep learning something new! We approached this project by acknowledging every-day circumstances, the moment we realize we want to do something new. The question is simple, and thanks to Akademe, the answer is simple too!  


Meghshala is a social education startup that aims to empower the teacher by providing an imaginative curriculum based on the current syllabus. Critical thinking, empathy, and a vivid imagination is what each child deserves to explore and what every teacher has the potential to impart. Write Leela Write has developed the visual and written language for Meghshala's website. Additionally, WLW worked as Master Teachers with Meghshala to create content for 7th standard English. When it comes to our creative approach with Meghshala, both in design and content we always keep the child-like quality of wonder and potential alive. 

In Between

Filmmaker Paromita Dhar is the director and cinematographer of the superbly compelling documentary, In Between. The short film collects stories of Bangladeshi immigrants now living in Madrid, Spain. In Between authentically captures fleeting dreams and the fading nostalgia of immigrants who are finding fragments of home in a foreign country.  Our selected illustration for the cover held fiercely to the idea of home being a memory, something we carry with us both voluntarily and involuntarily.  WLW also edited the website content. 

CATCH ON-01.png

Catch On

Have you seen those movies where people live in those large mansions equipped with automated delights like a camera at the door, cool intercom speakers in every room, a machine that keeps your coffee hot and ready at 7 am, and rooms you just have to walk into and tah-dah the lights are on? Catch On makes home automation accessible to all of us. We created a brochure that featured their most cutting-edge offerings. 


Disha Dwellings

Disha Dwellings are emerging leaders in the building industry .They build housing with a focus on quality infrastructure and airy architecture that lets families of all sizes live brightly and efficiently. Leela created hoardings (copy and design) for 3 of their new properties in Bangalore. If you cruise by Varthur road in Bangalore you'll see a stretch of hoardings, and yes, they're all Leela created. These hoardings feature the dazzle and integrity of Disha's new homes. 

Canteen Cops

WLW worked with Shifft films to create the brand identity of Canteen Cops. The brief asked us to find the right visual personality for an organization that sought to bring a comprehensive solution that could benefit the food industry and its consumers. We thought about CC's core value- which was to educate, create awareness and then create a basic standardization of food quality. We thought Canteen Cops deserved a visual identity that reflected it’s authority and knowledge.

Write Like a Unicorn

Leela was excited to work with acclaimed author of Leaving India, Minal Hajratwala. Minal offers some seriously spectacular creative writing classes that are made accessible to the larger world with her online teaching modules. Leela reflected on the author's love for the Unicorn which also mirrors her course philosophy and overall brand: Write Like a Unicorn. We worked to bring fantasy and illustrate creative inspiration into her branding.

Black black baza.jpg

Black Baza Coffee

We're going to go out on a limb here and say that Black Baza is one of the coolest coffee startups in the world. Black Baza is committed to get you caffeinated while conserving. Black Baza was founded to conserve and encourage biodiversity farming (which is pretty unique to India) and help every farmer get paid a fair price. Leela created a range of label design that centered around life in our indigenous forests. Check out their range of aromatic coffees sourced from the Western Ghats and grab some for your home and office today! 


Shifft Films

Shifft is a film studio tucked in the heart of Bangalore city. To create the brand's visual appeal we wanted to highlight it’s signature values: independence, passion, and uber professionalism. Leela's design approach worked with a clean look that could represent it well both in conservative corporates as well as more casual organizations. We played with balance and kept the logo typographically focused. 


cover + back.png

Lovetreats Love slip

Lovetreats has no doubt been one of our funnest clients yet! They are the first company in India to bring intimate lifestyle products by specifically creating a women and couple friendly environment for their branding. Lovetreats celebrates bringing a positive and fun attitude towards sex. We've been doing a lot of design and writing for Lovetreats including blogs about sex attitudes in India and creating packaging and other collateral designs. We also got to create one of Lovetreat's first original products: Lovetreats Loveslips, which acts as sexy IOUs you can give your partner. . 


When it's your heart, every beat sure does count. CICER is a revolutionary wearable patch that monitors your heart health 24/7 and allows you to get medical attention promptly if the need arises. A tremendous blessing for patients who have a history of heart ailments, or those who have recently come out of heart surgery. Leela was in charge of creating the perfect name for the product. CICER came out in one of our first brainstorming sessions and stuck. Our visual strategy was to highlight the security a clean and precise look can offer. We wanted to reveal the values of CICER: scientific, secure and progressive, with our colour and design approach.


Nanasu is a documentary studio led by Padmalatha Ravi. Her films twirl across the boundaries of social awareness and storytelling. Her work instigates needed conversations and propels our extended community to track our collective evolution. Nanasu means 'making dreams come true' in Kannada. Leela created the brand identity for Nanasu. We approached this visually by playing with fluidity to reflect something dreamy, positive, and bright. 


Piki is making market research sexy again - It lets businesses run short surveys on targeted audiences and get results within hours. WLW created Piki's brand identity and is working on it’s website content and design. Piki has pop and focus built into her personality from the very start. Our content personality  wasn't afraid to make people raise an eyebrow and when it came to our visual approach we concentrated on the potential power of the collective coming together to give us the most potent results. 

clark prasad (1).png

Clark  Prasad

Clark Prasad is a published author who ambitiously straddles the worlds of current affairs, sport, technology, myth, conspiracy and good old fashioned espionage in his writings. He is currently working on finishing his first trilogy- the Svastik series. With one book under his belt- The Baramulla Bomber- there's really no telling what Clark has in store for the world.



Leela had to create the visual branding for an international education conference this summer. 

We looked at our indian mythological stories as our inspiration since it would be the host country for the event. Leela took visual cues from a particular story which had elements of the topics under discussion for the conference. Due to a specific NDA  we cannot reveal the name of the client. 


Kogentix is all about fuelling big data with AI. The world is only at the start of the Artificial intelligence, and its potential is limitless. Kogentix stays ahead of the curve by not only processing big data but providing AI solutions that let enterprises, predict, and make real time changes. 

Kogentix solutions integrates cognitive computing and machine learning to build systems that learn about your business.

Leela conceptualised and created the design and copy for Kogentix's new website. We partnered with Nusigma for website development. 


It's super yummy, it's super nutritious, and it's all plant-based! 

Lactose or soy intolerant? You're in luck! Jus'Amazin offers boutique home-made nut butters that are 100% Dairy-free and soy-free vegan delights. In Bangalore? 

Leela had a ton of fun creating the logo and labels for Jus'Amazin.

Scribble Data

Scribble Data is making enterprise data accessibility a cakewalk.  

Enterprises need to access their data reliably, on the go, and fast. You have the data, and it’s growing. That’s where Scribble comes in. Ask a question, and Scribble figures out how to get you the information, instantly.

Leela created the visual identity for Scribble and helped them with their copy positioning on their website. 


NIRA is a fintech app that's all about more inclusivity and financial freedom when it comes to young urban professionals being able to invest in the things and moments that mean the most to them. We did complete branding for NIRA, including their logo identity, copy, and brand positioning. Stay tuned for more work we will be doing with this bright new company!


Alaap is an organisation of self-driven individuals with a mission to conserve and regenerate forests in rural Kumaon through a people's movement.  In an email to us, the founder of Alaap described the hills of Kumaon like this :I returned to the mountains yesterday, We were greeted by a clear, almost achingly stunning view of the Indian Himalayan range and that always manages to soften the blow of separation. The sun is setting as I write this note and the skies are a teasing mix of purplish, pinkish, blueish hues. Mind blowing. 

Leela created the visual identity for Alaap. 


Hydroponics has a new face. Nude features raw, fresh, nutritious meals,with zero preservatives and zero chemicals. Keep an eye out for NUDE!

Leela created the visual identity for NUDE

dosa truck for website.jpg

The Dosa Truck

In a city like Bengaluru, where there’s a sumptuous dosa to be had at every nook and corner how does an upstart manage to stand out? Vinoth spent weeks researching the fast food dosa industry in the city, even taking up an apprenticeship at a dosa stall. He came to us with his findings and we helped him conceptualize his brand and worked on his logo, eventually culminating in the pretty successful debut of his dosa truck right outside our office! Vinoth’s dosa trucks now travel to various techparks that dot our landscape, feeding hungry techies with wholesome, fresh dosas that are reminiscent of the one’s your mom makes at home! Vinoth keeps his menu minimal, but does have a few interesting dosa fillings that you should certainly check out!


Nimmi’s Bakery

Why can’t vegans enjoy a slice of cake? In a world where we’re moving towards being increasingly conscious of our diet, our lifestyles and its effect on all living beings as well as the environment, Singapore based Nimmi’s bakery comes as a huge relief to many who still want to enjoy the good things in life! Nimmi’s Bakery offers eggless and 100% vegetarian, even taking orders for vegan and gluten-free cakes on request. Leela worked on their logo and cheers them on in their quest for a more inclusive, empathetic world!

The German Rally

The pure thrill of adventure, of just stepping out with your boots on and little but your wits to get you across unfamiliar terrain? Sounds enticing doesn’t it? Six adventurous Germans, comprising of students, engineers and one photographer conceived of the Allgäu-Orient Rally, which will take place for the 18th time this year in 2018! The Allgäu-Orient Rally is a low-budget rally, taking place for the twelfth time in 2017, with currently around 100 registered teams.
Each team consists of 3 cars and 6 drivers and has to find the way from Oberstaufen to Amman in Jordan within 3 weeks. The vehicles may not be younger than 20 years and no motorways, toll roads, ferries and navigation devices are used on the way. But hold on, the primary focus isn’t the adventure, but rather charity and international aid. All rally cars arriving at the destination will be auctioned and the proceeds will go to a social charity project. In addition, every social facility enroute, such as schools and orphanages are approached and distributed donated in-kind. Leela is proud to have designed the logo for this roving but meaningful troupe of adventurers!


The National Institute of Oceanography, founded on 1 January 1966,is an autonomous research organization in India to undertake scientific research and studies of special oceanographic features of the Northern Indian Ocean. We were commissioned by the National Institute Of Oceanography to work and edit parts of a book for their institute. We wanted to create something that went beyond a hagiography of an institution or just some glossy book filled with dates and accomplishments. The world of Oceanography, a discipline that maintains a deep mystique despite it’s scientific roots, opened itself to us. The wonder of the hermit crab, all the wonders yet to be unraveled by marine archeology, the mechanics that went behind the a shipping vessel, all of these things started mattering to us immensely. And then ofcourse, the campus itself at Dona Paula, a charming side of Goa, which turned us into oceanographers for our stint there!


As a child, Tiyasha hopped on a rickshaw twice a week with her grandmother to go to dance class. Her grandmother never took a book to pass the time. Instead, she sat there, passively thinking. Tiyasha suspects it might have been about her own missed opportunities. Tiyasha owes the seeds of her practice to her Didu, who took her to classes and sustained her with encouragement. It was this seed that sparked the virtuosic Odissi dancer is today. Nrtiyasha is an arts collective that gives opportunities to Indian classical dancers to engage with the community through performances and other dialogues. They also run workshops and projects to create dynamic ways of learning and engaging with the different classical dance forms. Leela undetrook all their website design and content, a tightrope between classicism and the contemporary.


Project Delta

Project Delta is about tangible social impact that looks at the big picture. It’s not about coming up with quick fixes, but imagining a more sustainable future in the long term. Project Delta manages this by bringing together the brightest young minds across various fields and interests, all working together to come up with the most creative but grounded solutions to ensure a better future. In this ambitious project, Leela helped cement the visual identity of Project Delta.

Our Favourite Writing Projects


Jiyo was founded by Poonacha Macchaiah and Deepak Chopra. Jiyo is  a dynamic wellbeing app that acts as your health companion. Jiyo believes in a comprehensive approach to wellbeing, from peace and fitness to  nourishment, meditation and personal growth. We are the head content strategists for Jiyo. We've created app micro-copy, write articles, curate the publishing plan, and set the  tone for all communication at Jiyo. Download the app or visit their website here:

 Small Change

Leela was put in charge of creating and creating a blog series for, founded by Sara Adhikari. Small Change is a unique platform that helps facilitate our urban communities to read more about the causes they are passionate about and then donate to specific spaces. We created their new blog - The Small Print and curate their series which includes historic facts, guest columns from leaders in the change industry, and quirky interviews.

Apollo Life

Apollo Life is a sister-concern of the Apollo Brand. The core objective of Apollo Life is to address those mental, emotional, dietary, fitness-related, physical environmental issues that account for most chronic and lifestyle diseases we currently face. We create and curate articles for Apollo that fit a range of wellbeing topics. Our articles are focused on small lifestyle tweaks we can make to address health issues and prevent disease.

Website content

Leela often brings her writing chops to website projects. Here's some of the websites we've added some creative pump and dazzle. 



We blog a bunch! And it's always something new. Our clients are from diverse industries, that's why we've travelled the topic spectrum. From wellbeing and intimacy to digital trends and pop culture, we've done it all! Check out the blogs we've written.