SELCO is a rural energy service company, with its headquarters in Bangalore.

SELCO views access as an underlying precondition to catalyze progress related to health, education, livelihoods, financial inclusion and an overall improvement in quality of life. In 2018, SELCO hosted a radical seminar on failures in the development sector, with the best in the field coming together to have frank discussions on a taboo topic.

Leela was called on to attend and cover the event to create an informative but accessible summary of all the presentations and panel discussions that took place on various pressing subjects, from housing and natural resources to education, livelihoods and gender.



Failures in Energy Access

Universal access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy has been a primary focus of the development sector and social entrepreneurship, as it is often seen to be the cornerstone of development. The ecosystem needs to complement efforts of last-mile energy enterprises and understand user needs to transform the lives of the poor.

Failures in Entrepreneurship and Investment

"There is a need to set up an environment to talk about our collective failures" Elena Casolari began, setting the appropriate tone for the proceedings, "If we don't talk about it, how do we expect to learn?".