Grinding Stone

Grinding Stone is natural self-care brand with a distinctly minimalist ethos. Its mission is to help customers experience the quality and comfort of a minimal-waste, all natural existence through lifestyle & home care products.

Leela was excited to be called on to conceptualised the packaging design in a minimalist, aesthetically gorgeous but sustainable way. The challenging end-to-end process involved consulting with the client, measuring original packaging dielines, trial-&-error prototyping, and experimentation with printing finishes and materials. The packaging design was created for ecofriendly bottles and paper tubes in diverse shapes for a range of soaps, essential oils, toothpastes, toothbrush, detergents, mopping solutions, deodorants, and lip balms.

One of our favourite parts of this project was the development of illustrative icons to indicate the all-natural ingredients used in each product. This icon style also served to communicate that these products have only a few quality real ingredients, rather than dozens of unpronounceable chemicals that make up the ingredient list of modern day self-care and home products.


Grinding Stone | Shop simple, natural, zero waste products

Chemical free, natural self care and home care products, made from good quality ingredients to help you and your family live healthy and eco friendly lives.