Imagine a food eco-system that's better for consumers, better for farmers, and better for the planet? Farmizen allocates a 600 square foot mini-farm at a community,  for a monthly fee where you choose what you want to grow. If you have trepidations about what you ought to grow, Farmizen guides you through the process, also allowing you farm visits and offering an app that helps you manage your farm.

Farmizen approached us with many questions that needed answering; particularly the question of how to reach their target audience in an over-saturated market. We conducted a one-day intensive rebranding workshop to help them develop a new language and visual direction for their brand. We created a new colour palette and reworked their language and communication tone, including developing taglines, identifying brand narratives, zeroing in on brand values, and experimenting with content streams.


Farmizen - Grow your own food in a mini-farm - Download App - Farmizen

You choose what you want to grow, manage your mini-farm with our app & stay updated.